an except from “Conversations (We Never Had)”

⭐️Has it been a long day? week? month? year?
⭐️Life got in the way? Or got away from you?
⭐️Are you so busy with everything that’s going on you can barely keep up?
⭐️Do you feel like taking a moment?
⭐️Do you feel like talking about it to an old friend? Someone you’ve been estranged, but strangely, somehow still feel connected with? Someone who can listen without expectations or judgment?

What if a friend is waiting to get in touch too? Want to find out? What are you waiting for?

Reach out today! There’s nothing like the present.

If you never try, you won’t know. If you don’t ask, you don’t get 🥰

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an excerpt from “Mantras”

A thought for you 💜

⭐️Are you or have you been in an unhealthy relationship?
⭐️Are you feeling lost? Stuck? And feel that your heart aches for something more?
⭐️Are you afraid of opening up your heart again?
⭐️Are you looking for a change?
⭐️What are your dreams? Do you want a fulfilled family life?

What if there is someone out there who feels the very same way you do? And has the same dreams that you do?

Would you risk opening up your heart again?

You ask yourself – Why not?❣️

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an excerpt from “…oh, i don’t know…”

🌟Have you got a nagging question that you just can’t seem to find an answer to?

🌟Are you finding yourself sleepless at night?

🌟Do you feel alone with your thoughts and feelings?

Tell me your questions, and together we’ll figure out the answers.

I am here. 💜

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an excerpt from “If The Shoe Fits”

🌟What are you wishing for?
🌟Who are you wishing for?
🌟Do you have one thing that you just wish you could have,

but never can?

🌟Why do you want it?
🌟What are you willing to do to get it?


We often have desires beyond our reach, but are they really?
How far we go to get something we really want is, I guess, equivalent to how much we long for it. 💕


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