Abi, mother of two


“This collection of short stories and poems is my go to read before bedtime.  “Irony” is by far my favorite.  It reminds me of my teenage and early adult years.  The questions and thoughts that ran thru my head during heartaches and how I see myself.  Similars and opposites.

Although the stories and poems are short it makes you reminisce about the past and think about the future.

It gives you an insight on how complex our feelings are and how our thoughts randomly bounces specially the author’s.

Haven’t finished the book yet but one thing I know is that it mellows my heart..”


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Luke, bird whisperer

“An enchanting, quirky, honest and delightful collection of stories based on everyday life experiences.
Stories that any reader could relate to and even transport themselves into each story as if their own story.
Short story format makes for an easy quick read each day and made me reminisce on my own life experiences, tribulations and sometimes disappointments. Difficult to put the book down nonetheless, and will be reading this one over and over again.”


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Gretchen, Filipina-Belgian author

“I usually don’t read poetry but I definitely can appreciate this one! A creative way to express oneself about life experiences.

I truly love this book, I resonate with it totally!

I love how thought-provoking the book is.  So many thoughts wandered through my mind.

You can give your own interpretation to the content”


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