How’s the Weather Today?

I often ask and get asked the question – “How’s the weather like over there today?”

This is a most welcome conversation-starter with someone.  We are scattered all over the place, and it would be nice to know what the weather is like somewhere else, aside from what the other person is doing or busy with at the moment.

I often like to extend this conversation by asking the other person which season they prefer – summer or winter? dry or wet? hot or cold?  The conversation then becomes more involved, interesting, even animated at times. 

We get the lowdown on the pros and cons of either season.  This is based mainly on the responses I get from family and friends, and strangers too.  

So, let’s get on to it.  



While Summer is defined by the beautiful warmth and sunny skies, it can get very dry on the throat and skin.  It is great, since we can lounge around in the pool swimming, or hang out on the beach, but we can get sunburnt if we’re not careful.  So make sure you splash on lots of sunblock, wear your favourite sunnies, keep your fluids up, and use cotton or linen clothing which are very cooling and allows the skin to breathe.

We also can enjoy barbies with an ice-cold beer to quench our thirst during longer daylight hours.  We find aesthetically-pleasing, colourful new blossoms and flowers, and trees start growing new leaves as if they know we need shade from the hot summer sun.  We feel more energised and lose the weight that we gained after our bodies have hibernated over winter.  Our metabolisms become more active so we lose the winter fat we may have got (therefore, sexy summer bods!).  We get to walk the dog or exercise more during this season.  



Winter, on the other hand, is very cold, wet and dreary.  Lawns and gardens always look miserable at this time.  However, that means we can all cuddle up in our doonas in bed or the couch reading a book.  We get to take out our favourite Uggs and wear Onesies too!  

We can enjoy cozy, winter nights in front of the fireplace watching our favourite movies and shows.  We can cook and eat more comfort food like homemade soups, stews and casseroles.  Or we can have hot cocoa after a long day.

We can enjoy the sound of rain on the roof, and make snow angels and snowmen out of fresh snow.  But it can also be dangerous driving in snow, and hail can damage our cars and other properties too.

And we tend to appreciate and enjoy more long hot baths and showers during this season.


In winter, we can put on more clothing to keep warm, but we can’t necessarily just take off all our clothes in summer. Hahaha.  We get hay fever in summer, and colds and flu in winter.  We tend to have more muscle aches and pains in winter, but suffer from sweat and itches in summer.  


I have to say I prefer Winter over Summer.  What about you?



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